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Young Adults Making a Difference

Churches around the country consistently report that the youth who go away to college often never return to stay. However, a group of young adults at the Fayette SDA church are doing something to change that. Pastor Harvey and Associate Pastor Tuya met with youth returning from college and those over the age of 18 who still reside in the Fayette community to discuss their connection to the church. During this meeting the youth shared some very candid feelings and the experiences that led to those feelings. 


The youth described the factors and current phenomena that set these times that they are living in apart from the experiences of previous generations. In short, they described in detail the challenges that they face as Christian youth in a world that is steadily defining Christians as a group of people following a set of beliefs based on hatred. 


As a result of this meeting the youth determined that they needed to meet and study together in order to heal from the things that they experienced during the pandemic and after. Now this group of young adults meets weekly to support one another and to develop a plan for reaching out to other young people in the community. Their weekly study addresses current events and the experiences of youth today from a biblical standpoint.



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